Open source code

AIPowerMeme is open source. You can check AIPowerMeme source code here.

AIPowerMeme wallet

Send, receive, request with friendly AIPowerMeme wallet. Available in window and linux.

Download win & linux wallet

AIPowerMeme Mission

Adding a new dimension to the world of humor and creativity, dont worry be happy.

Build secure transaction and investment

Send, receive coin with very low fee between APME holder. Block explorer transaction can be found here

Mining APME Coin

You can mining AIPowerMeme to get APME coin

Coin Info
- X11 algorithm
- Block reward = 100 APME

Block reward structure
- Superblock reward = 6%
- masternode reward = 30%
- POW miner block reward = 64%

Maximum Supply = 42100000 APME

Smartnode Collateral = 1000 APME

Exchange = Xeggex

Mining Pool = Miningpoolstats